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Procurement and Sourcing Strategies

Course Name Procurement and Sourcing Strategies
Schedule January 29, 2018 - January 30, 2018

Monday - Tuesday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Price: Php 12,800

Procurement and Sourcing Strategies is comprehensive two-day session designed to train you, as managers and staff, involved in the procurement function.  This course will provide you tools and techniques in transforming your buying operations to a more responsive, strategic and value adding function. 


After the course, you will:

1.  Define and explain the roles, responsibilities, and authorities of the purchasing function in a business enterprise and its impact to the rest of the organization;

2.  Understand purchasing organization, ethics, and its relationship with the law;

3.  Develop specifications and Statement of Work;

4.  Learn how to identify, select, and evaluate vendors;

5.  Recognize cost-price relationships and how prices are determined or set;

6.  Identify the different tools for an efficient purchasing function;

7.  Know how the purchasing function can contribute to the profitability of an organization;

8.  Understand the strategic procurement planning process;

9.  Identify the key elements of the strategic sourcing and understand how it can create a competitive advantage for a company;

10. Learn and implement sourcing strategies; and

11. Understand the different procurement and sourcing strategies as well as the tools for its implementation.

Who should attend

Personnel involved in procurement, demand and replenishment, logistics operation, and customer service functions of supply chain management


I. Understanding procurement in the corporate environment

A. The procurement function

B. Organizing procurement

C. Procurement policies, systems, and processes

D. Setting specifications

E. Ethics in procurement

F. Procurement and the law

II. Markets from the view point of procurement

A. Sources of supply

B. Understanding supply markets

C. Cost versus price

III. The transition from tactical to strategic procurement

A. Tactical versus strategic procurement

B. The planning process

C. Procurement strategy areas

D. Strategic procurement tools

1. Spend analysis

2. Market analysis

3. The 5-forces in supply market

4. Sourcing Group matrix

Resource Speakers
Mr. Jose Emmanuel M. Estrera

is the founding Chairman of BizSolv Asia, MPC. Concurrently, he is also the Director and Senior Consultant of Global Procure-It, Inc. He has more than 25 years experience in the supply chain industry.